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Pronto Gingerbread para los usuarios del Atrix

Como muchos dirían, una luz al final del túnel para los usuarios del Motorola Atrix. Y esta luz es porque Motorola a comenzado el proceso para la actualización del Atrix a Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Esto según una invitación que están enviando via email a varios usuarios los cuales tienen que completar una pequeña encuesta y de esta manera lograr entrar al programa de “Beta Tester” para esta actualización. Si estas interesado deberías darte prisa ya que solamente hay 1,000 espacios. De todas maneras aunque no logres entrar para las pruebas son excelentes noticias y esperamos que en las próximas semanas estemos viendo la actualización para todos los usuarios del Atrix.
Este es el email que Motorola esta enviando.

You’re receiving this email because you’ve filled out a Motorola Feedback Network survey in the past stating your interest in ATRIX 4G feedback opportunities. As a Motorola Feedback Network member you get advanced notice, like this, of such activities.

We’re getting ready to have a pre-release for Gingerbread (Android 2.3.X) on your AT&T ATRIX 4G. Please fill out the following survey to confirm your interest in this soak opportunity. The first 1,000 applicants will be picked on a first come, first serve basis, provided information is correctly filled out. I know there are some questions that are a repeat, sorry, but there is a reason for that. Please fill it out carefully, honestly and accurately as misinformation can cause this exercise to be unsuccessful. You can edit your survey from the same computer until the survey period closes, though it is advisable to fill it out the first time correctly. Duplicates will be excluded with the newer one used.. Secondly, once the survey period closes we’ll not be able to update your IMEI. Consider carefully before exchanging your device. .

This survey period tentatively ends at 9am 7/18/11 Central time, provided all spots are filled.

In fairness to other Motorola Feedback Network members, do not forward this communication to other parties (websites, individuals, etc). As part of your MFN survey you agreed to keep all MFN activities and notifications confidential. If we find that you have breached this agreement we may elect to remove you. You can always encourage users to sign up for the Motorola Feedback Network so they can be considered for feedback opportunities in the future.

If accepted, you will receive additional notifications via this email when the soak test activities will begin. Do not email or PM me asking if you are accepted or when it will start as I may elect to remove you from the opportunity.

Thanks again for your interest.


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