Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer QiiBO

Final Fantasy XIII-2, trailer completo mostrado en el E3.

Una de las sagas de RPG más importante y legendarias llega a E3 con nuevo trailer. Se trata de Final Fantasy XIII-2 que nos llegará para principios de 2012.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, como el mismo título lo sugiere, continúa justo donde terminó el anterior, Final Fantasy XIII. El vídeo a continuación nos presenta a Noel Kreiss, el nuevo protagonista que se unirá a Serah en la búsqueda de Lightning, aunque, al parecer, también veremos el regreso de algunos viejos personajes.

Como de costumbre llegará primero a Japón – finales de año – y para principios del 2012 estará disponible para el resto del mundo. Final Fantasy XIII-2 estará disponible para Xbox 360, PS3.

En Coming Soon nos dan una sinopsis del juego más completa, aquí se las incluyo [inglés]. Luego econtrarán el trailer completo de Final Fantasy XIII 2.

“So this is a direct continuation of Final Fantasy XIII, and it takes place shortly after it’s events. People now populate the land of Pulse since Cocoon is in crystal form and new towns have been built up. Serah (Lightning’s younger sister) lives in town. With the existence of certain paradoxes on Pulse, people no longer believe that Lightning exists. They believe she’s dead. Serah is the only one who knows the truth. She knows Lightning is still out there, but she doesn’t know where she is. When the town is attacked by monsters one night, our other protagonist Noel makes an appearance and saves her, and the two go off on an adventure to save Lightning. That’s about as detailed as the story gets for right now. The demo takes place in a slice of the where they are at Bresha Ruins where fans of Final Fantasy XIII will remember…right after chapter 3. A lot of it looks familiar, but there have been a lot of changes as a result of the paradoxes. There is now a dig site around this weapon, Atlas that has made an appearance because of the paradoxes.”

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